Transfers from Velez Malaga to Malaga Airport

One way


Transfers from Velez Malaga to Malaga Airport

Transfers from Velez Malaga to Malaga Airport is easy peasy!

Travellers have a few options, with buses running directly to the airport several times per day.

However, if you’re after a more convenient journey, there are private Malaga airport transfers offering door-to-door services.

Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose but generally start around 58€ for a private car.

Be sure to Pre-book if possible and always ask to see the driver’s credentials before getting into any vehicle.

Velez Malaga is a city located in the province of Málaga and serves as the capital of the municipality of Velez-Malaga.

Founded in 858, it has a long and fascinating history, full of both cultural and architectural marvels.

Thanks to its unique location in the south of Spain, Velez Malaga has a lot to offer tourists, including warm weather, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and a variety of activities.

Situated on the Valle del Guadalhorce and only a few miles away from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Velez Malaga makes for an ideal holiday destination.

During the summer months, the weather is mild and suitable for a day of swimming on the beach, where you’ll find the quaint fishing village of El Palo.

There are also plenty of activities to enjoy in the town’s old quarter, including local markets, shops, churches and ancient monuments from ages past.

Transfers from Velez Malaga to Malaga Airport

The city boasts vibrant nightlife and yearly festivals, so there is plenty to do no matter what your interests are.

As for sightseeing, Velez Malaga offers a wide range of attractions. The Sohail Castle is one of the most popular attractions.

It is located on the old town walls and offers spectacular views of the nearby coast.

You can also explore the centuries-old Catholic buildings, including the Catedral de la Encarnacion and the Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Carmen.

In addition, the city is a great place to learn about the region’s unique history, and the Museo de la Cultura Negra is a great place to start.

For those looking to experience the best culinary traditions of the city, a visit to Mercado Municipal is a must.

This municipal market is full of various food stalls, where you can get a taste of the region’s delicious dishes, such as gazpacho, fresh seafood and traditional stews.

The city also features plenty of restaurants and bars, offering a variety of traditional and modern cuisines.

In addition to all the sights and sounds, visitors to Velez Malaga will also find plenty for them to do, as the city is home to several parks and nature reserves, as well as numerous sporting facilities.

These include a skate park, golf courses, football fields, horseback riding and several adventure parks.

No matter what your interests are, Velez Malaga offers something for everyone.

With its unique mix of culture and history, wonderful beaches, delicious food, and a plethora of activities.

It’s easy to see why the town is such a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Prices for private transfer from Velez Malaga to Malaga airport 

  • Saloon car (up to 4 pax): 58 euros each way
  • Station Wagon (up to 4 pax): 69 euros each way
  • MiniVan (up to 7 pax): 83 euros each way
  • Minibus (from 8 to 20 pax): 120 euros each way
  • Large Bus (up to 55 pax): personalised quote.







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