Transfers from Malaga Airport to Nerja

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Transfers from Malaga airport to Nerja

Transfers from Malaga airport to Nerja which is located east of Málaga and with Sierra Almijara behind it.

Nerja has always been able to keep out developments, keeping the beauty of the village despite the number of tourists it attracts.

The Balcón de Europa, a palm-lined ledge built on the ruins of an old fort and offering amazing views of the sea surrounded by cute bays.

The town has grown significantly beyond its former boundaries as a result of growing popularity amongst visitors.

Significant urbanisation has emerged, notably towards the east.

As indicated by the cave art found in the well-known Nerja caves, called the Prehistoric cathedral, the region has been inhabited from prehistory.

A group of youngsters playing nearby in the late 1950s stumbled upon the Nerja Cave.

The public can enter the large halls that make up the underground cave, which has been declared as both a cultural and an artistic monument.

You can stare at the remarkable geological structures that have been formed here over an extremely lengthy period of time.

The Hall of the Waterfall, so known due to the unique formations that its clusters of rock formations make.

The Nerja Cave Festival, has brought the most renowned personalities of dance, music, and the performing arts for more than 30 years.

Be sure to go inland when you are in Nerja and visit Frigiliana.

Transfers from Malaga airport to Nerja

Our airport transfers from Malaga to Nerja cost as follows:

  • 69 Euros will get you a car that comfortably seats 4 people.
  • A four-passenger station waggon with increased boot space costs 77 euros.
  • The cost of a large minivan for 7 passengers is 91 euros.
  • Cost of a 19-passenger minibus is 128 euros.




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