Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Linea

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Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Linea de la concepcion commonly known as La Linea is a city in the Cadiz province of southwestern Spain.

La Linea is immediately across the border from Gibraltar.

It doesn’t have much to offer but as you must pass through it if you enter Gibraltar, its numerous evocative bars and eateries might be worth a visit.

The town’s name is taken from two sources:

The Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the linea, or border, that differentiates Spain and Gibraltar.

There are very warm summers and generally mild winters but it may often rain.

You can visit these places while staying in La Linea:Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Linea

  • San Carlos, Santa Barbara, and San Felipe’s fortresses.

These military structures from the eighteenth century were erected during the siege of Gibraltar.

  • Torre Nueva.

Numerous towers with similar features that were constructed along the shore between the Guadiaro river and the Portuguese border.

  • The Military Command.

Despite once being the military headquarters, it now houses the Museum of the Straits.

  • The Immaculate Conception Shrine.

This former church was transformed into a shrine in the early 2000s.

  • The Bullfighting ring.

This is a unique and very old building.

  • The museum Cruz Herrera.

Primarily oil paintings of women, but also “strange” items or sculptures can be found in this somewhat interesting Museum.

Have your passport on hand if you’re in La Linea and want to enter Gibraltar because you’ll need it.

Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Linea

We strongly advise pre-booking your Malaga airport transfers when scheduling a transfer to La Linea:

  1. The cost of a normal car for four people is: 127€.
  2. The cost of a station waggon with enough room in the boot for four passengers is: 138€.
  3. A people carrier with 7 persons costs 161 euros.
  4. The cost of a private minibus with 19 seats is 236 euros.



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