Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Herradura

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Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Herradura

Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Herradura which is a community that is part of Almuñecar.

It is only a one-hour drive from Malaga Airport and is regarded as the second-largest urban area on the district of Granada’s Costa Tropical coast.

The construction and tourism industries, as well as agriculture, to a lesser extent, are the main drivers of the town’s economy today.

Old town La Herradura has a youthful spirit and offers many tapas bars, Restaurants and great eateries.

Furthermore, it is well known for its water activities and is ideal for scuba diving and Mountains and beaches are there, further enhancing the area’s charm.

Natural elements such as the bay that serves as a natural harbour and is protected to the east and west by the Punta de la Mona.

Because of it’s location it has made it a strategic enclave for the passage of seagoing missions to many civilizations throughout history.

La Herradura has had significant historical occurrences, the most important was the expedition, led by the renowned sailor Don Juan de Mendoza.

He was sailing between Malaga and the kingdom of Naples in the 16 century when it took shelter from an easterly storm on the Punta de la Mona.

On his way to this natural shelter the wind changed to a southerly direction.

The storm’s intensity  was so great that it surprised its crew and the ships crashed and sank.

Around 5,000 individuals are estimated to have drowned in this shipwreck off these coastlines. Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Herradura

The reason why it resembles a horse shoe is where the term La Herradura originates.

Transfers from Malaga Airport to La Herradura

Our fixed-rate Malaga airport transfers are priced as follows:

4 people can easily fit in a standard-sized car for 90 euros.

A station waggon with additional boot room for luggage costs 104 euros for 4 passengers.

A people carrier costs 115 euros if there are 7 of you travelling.

The cost of a private minibus with 19 seats is: 150€

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