Transfers from Malaga Airport to Antequera

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Transfers from Malaga airport to Antequera

Transfers from Malaga Airport to Antequera, it is located within the province of Málaga.

Within the Andalusian region, in the province of Málaga, is Antequera.

It is described as “the heart of Andalusia” because of its advantageous location between Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, and Seville.

It is a favourite among tourists owing of its convenient location and the close proximity of four airports.

Due to this Antequera is quickly becoming a significant hub for transportation logistics and Tourism.

Additionally, the Vega de Antequera, which is irrigated by the Guadalhorce River.

Due to this fact it is now a productive agricultural region that produces an abundance of vegetables, olive oil, and cereals.

Transfers from Malaga airport to Antequera

A trip to this beautiful Andalucian town takes one back in time starting with the Bronze Age and the indigenous Iberians.

The abundance of burial mounds, dolmens, Roman baths, a Moorish castle, Gothic churches, Renaissance fountains, and baroque bell towers in this intriguing city makes it possible to trace the timeline.

When you first see Antequera in the distance, it resembles a typical medieval town with its many church spires and the massive Moorish fortress’s walls and towers silhouetted against the sky.

The Guadalhorce River irrigates lush farmlands that are dispersed over the valley below.

This region has been among Andaluca’s most fruitful for generations and is today a major producer of olives, grains, and asparagus.

Its fields bloom with beautiful flowers throughout the summer.

El Torcal, a mountainous range of exceptional interest that does not fit the region it sits in, stands tall and proud straight to the south of Antequera.

The enormous amount of limestone that was to become El Torcal was forced up from the sea bottom during the Jurassic period.

The vast amount of land that make up the nature reserve were produced as a result of exposure to the elements.

With what appear to be enormous discs piled on top of one another, the landscape is unsettling and almost bizarre.

Transfers from Malaga airport to Antequera

We kindly advise visiting El Chorro Lake while in Antequera as a wonderful alternative to the occasionally packed beach.

The lake is only a short distance away approximately 25 to 30 kilometers from Antequera and is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest.

Outdoor activities are available at El Chorro, including canoeing, fishing, dining out, and simply lounging in the sun.

The closest golf course to El Torcal’s stunning surroundings, if you play golf, is Antequera Golf.

Antequera is also the home of the delectable Porra and Gazpacho dishes, as well as Bienmesabe, a delicacy that dessert lovers must eat.

The food from Antequera has a unique flavour all its own.

Pre-book your  airport Malaga transfers to Antequera, pleasant winters and warm summers make this an ideal place to stay.


Transfers from Malaga airport to Antequera. No credit card required, pay on arrival. Starting from 75 euros per trip (up to 4pax).

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  • No credit card needed.
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Prices for a private transfer from Malaga airport to Antequera:

  • Saloon car (up to 4 pax): 75 euros each way.
  • Station Wagon (up to 4 pax): 86 euros each way.
  • MiniVan (up to 7 pax): 113 euros each way.
  • Minibus (from 8 to 20 pax): 150 euros each way.
  • Large Bus (up to 55 pax): Simply send a email and we will provide you with a quote.

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