Transfers from Las Chapas to Malaga Airport

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Transfers from Las Chapas to Malaga Airport

Transfers from Las Chapas to Malaga Airport on the east side of Marbella, in the province of Malaga.

A beach that matches the glitz and atmosphere of the nearby clubs, like the well-known Nikki Beach.

It is roughly 23 metres wide and extends approximately 740 metres, which corresponds to the same-named residential district.

One of Marbella’s most beautiful and well-known beaches, it is.

Because it is rarely crowded, this magnificent setting is an ideal vacation.

This area is home to quite a few establishments and high-quality enterprises.

Marbella also has lounge bars, which have an overwhelming emphasis on enjoyment, leisure, and elegance.

This region has the renowned Nikki Beach.

This is where you can take in the greatest music, cuisine, entertainment, fashion magic, and artistic expressions all at once.

One of the top travel destinations in the world, according to Nikki Beach, is Marbella.

The new concept of being “regional” is also accepted in other expensive areas like Miami Beach or Saint Tropez.

Transfers Las Chapas Malaga

How to get to Las Chapas from Malaga airport.

Las Chapas is reached from Marbella’s centre in about 10 minutes, by the N-340 or the A-7.

The L7 city bus route, which departs from Marbella, also has a stop close to the beach.

You may take the AP-7 or the A-7 if you’re departing from Malaga; the trip will take approximately 50 minutes.

Las Chapas Malaga airport transfers prices.

  • It costs 60 euros to transport 4 people in a comfortable car.
  • For 4 people, a station waggon with a bigger boot costs 71 Euros.
  • 85 euros will get you a 7-seater people carrier and luggage.
  • It costs 140 euros to rent a minibus for a group of up to 19 people.
  • Please email us for a free quote if you need a bus to fit 55 passengers.



Transfers from Las Chapas to Malaga Airport

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