Transfers from La Linea to Malaga Airport

One way


Transfers from La Linea to Malaga Airport

Transfers from La Linea to Malaga Airport. Spain’s coastal city of La Linea de la Concepcion is located near Gibraltar.

When leaving the major coastal road to Cadiz -Malaga highway and turning toward Gibraltar.

It first appears to be little to keep you in La Linea, don’t let initial feelings rule, though.

Behind the run down flats lies a charming district where inhabitants are mingling at the numerous open cafes.

Given the extremely high cost of accommodations in Gibraltar.

La Linea is an excellent choice because the ancient town centre is only a short walk from the border post.

Additionally, it is not worth bothering to drive across the border to Gibraltar for the day because of the heavy traffic on both sides.

Just locate the border, park your car on one of the streets nearby, and cross.

As soon as you land in Gibraltar, cabs are ready to transport you to the city centre.

Additionally, there are minibuses that give trips to the summit of the Rock and cover all admission costs.

Alternatively, you may get there by just crossing the runway on foot and heading into town.

To enter Gibraltar, you must have a valid passport, so be sure to have it with you at all times.

Don’t go over your max amount if you plan to shop duty-free there as the local police will inspect your baggage and seize any excess.

Transfers from La Linea to Malaga Airport

The Parroquia de la Inmaculada, a stunning church built in the colonial style in the nineteenth century, is the main tourist destination of La Linea.

New Orleans-inspired structures, just west of the church, and several intriguing bars serving the region’s traditional fried fish are its defining features.

Most people tend to spend their time at the various cafés and cake shops that line the major pedestrianised streets.

Transfers La Linea Malaga-How much does it cost?

  • A sedan vehicle seats four passengers comfortably and costs 127 Euros.
  • A station waggon costs 138 Euros for increased boot capacity and 4 passengers.
  • A 7-seater people carrier with luggage costs 161 Euros.
  • A minibus with 19 seats costs 236 Euros.
  • A coach can be arranged through email if you are visiting La Linea with a bigger group.



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