Transfers from Cabopino to Malaga Airport

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Transfers from Cabopino to Malaga Airport

Transfers from Cabopino to Malaga Airport. La Cala de Mijas and Marbella are separated by Cabopino.

It is simple to overlook yet definitely worth a trip. It’s a little, serene community with a tiny marina.

There are eateries and pubs along the marina. The beach is sizable and comparable to any on the Costa Del Sol.

A walkway crosses the sand dunes to the right and leads to Marbella.

You may still stroll on the beach even if the boardwalk from La Cala de Mijas stops 500 metres short of Cabopino.

This is a wonderful small spot for a drink and a stroll. Consequently, it’s a tiny paradise that is simple to pass by. 

Our Transfers from Cabopino to Malaga airport, a unique area worth visiting.

The neighbourhood, which is tiny and stylish and has a community park and a few bars, is located on a hill overlooking the marina.

There are several eateries, pubs, and stores on the marina side.

A fleet of motor and sailing yachts, are housed in the marina, which is built into a sandstone gap in the coastline.

East and west of the marina’s entrance are beaches.

Transfers from Cabopino to Malaga Airport

Dunas de Artola is a protected area of sand dunes that is located on the beach that is furthest to the west of the marina entrance.

Cabopino beach is the 150-meter stretch of sand directly adjacent to and to the west of the marina’s entrance.

On this beach, there are three chiringuitos.

The Playa de Calahonda is a long, sandy area with a beach bar and a chiringuito to the east of the marina’s entrance.

Tourists flock to the beaches, and an ancient stick figure guards the massive parking lot beyond the dunes.

Our Cabopino airport services are:

A saloon vehicle for four passengers costs 55 Euros.

For 67 Euros, a station waggon with 4 seats is available for extra boot capacity.

A big people carrier with 7 seats and luggage costs 80 Euros.

If you are travelling with a bigger party, a minibus for up to 19 passengers costs 126 euros.

If you need a coach for 55 people, please send us an email and we will provide a no-obligation quotation.



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