Transfers from Benahavis to Malaga Airport

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Transfers from Benahavis to Malaga Airport

Transfers from Benahavis to Malaga Airport built towards the end of the eleventh century by the Arabs.

It is associated with the region’s Arab heritage, particularly that of Marbella, to which it belonged when Felipe II awarded it the so-called “Carta Puebla” in 1572.

Due to its strategic location, the Castle of Montemayor, which was completed before the Benahavis Construction.

Due to its location it plays a significant part in the conflicts between the many Arab monarchs in Andalusia.

The military groups of the period argued about it for a very long time.

At a time when piracy and invasion were prevalent, its conspicuous location, which overlooked up to 100 kilometres of shoreline and even the African coast, was quite helpful.

The city’s name is attributed to Havis, he governed from the Montemayor Castle.

Benahavis, which literally translates to “son of Havis,” is an Arabic dialect.

The Catholic Monarchs were eager to annex the last Moorish kingdoms in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

This was due by the castle’s advantageous location.

The soldiers of Isabella and Ferdinand had already besieged the Nazarian kingdom of Granada, but they chose to take control of the neighbouring province of Malaga first.

Transfers from Benahavis to Malaga Airport

Soon after Mohammed Abuneza signed the capitulation document, he delivered Benahavis to King Fernando the Catholic.

The first Christian mayor Pedro Villan controlled Benahavis appointed by the Catholic King.

Beginning at that time, a struggle developed between Benahavis and Marbella that persisted for 35 years.

The Montemayor Castle has an underground corridor that connects it to the shore.

Thus allowing the Arabs to transfer warriors, in addition to its outstanding position.

Benahavis is a one-of-a-kind jewel for environment lovers, since it is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

It is split by the Sierra Blanca, which is located behind Estepona, and the Sierra de Ronda.

On clear days, you can see a considerable portion of the African sierra and more than 62 miles of the Costa del Sol from its summits.

Three rivers originate in Benahavis, all of which start in the Sierra de Ronda and wash into the Mediterranean Sea.


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