Malaga Airport Transfers: pay on arrival

malaga airport transfers pay on arrival

Malaga Airport Transfers pay on arrival

Why On Malaga Transfers only admits pay on arrival? We know sometimes the most comfortable is to be able to pay in advance to ensure your booking. But this is not always the case…

  • First of all, you know that the Internet is not always a secure environment. To keep your money safe, no credit card is needed to book with us. To know with certainty that your booking request has been processed, you will receive a booking confirmation that includes a transfer voucher with the details of your booking, our contact details and an emergency phone number. In case you don’t receive your booking confirmation, please check your spam folder.
  • Very rarely in busy periods, we may suffer a mishap due to unforeseen circumstances. Flat tire, break down, stopped traffic… In that case, we will try our best to provide you with an alternative that may include an external collaborator or other arrangements. With payment on arrival only, you will have 100% security of only one payment per trip, avoiding the inconvenience of money’s reimbursement. The same as in case of having to cancel your booking.
  • You may pay in cash or with a credit card (upon demand when fill in the form) but always to your chauffeur after each trip.
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