Legal company, official licensed & fully insured vehicles

fully insured malaga transfers

Official licensed and fully insured vehicles according to Spanish law.

ON Malaga Transfers is proud to be able to clearly show you the details of our company because we operate under Spanish law and all the required legality. This way, our vehicles are official license and fully insured.

This website belongs to the Autocares Idea SL group, which began operating in 2007. In addition to the tax data shown here, which you can check by doing a simple Google search, we will provide you with information on how to distinguish when a vehicle has its legal authorization to transport passengers.

It is mandatory that all legal Andalusian private transfer companies have a “Tarjeta de transport” (Transport Card) for each vehicle. Proof of this legal authorization is a sticker (VTC license) on the windscreen like the one shown below:

Also, the vehicles have a blue plate in the back

Pirates and unlicensed airport transfer services can sometimes be offered through social media, websites without tax information, or at the airport itself. You will not be covered in the event of an incident or worse in other damage situations. Do not take risks with your safety and have a good holiday without surprises!

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