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Costa del Sol: Sun, Sand, and Sardines 07/25/2021

Sardines are cheap, delicious, the queens of popular seafood. Authentic Spanish experience for locals and visitors.


Entry requirements to Spain regarding anti-covid measures 06/14/2021

There is some confusion among foreign visitors regarding the requirements concerning the Covid19 regulations to access Spain. On Malaga Airport Transfers try to clarify to you what you need to travel to Spain.


Heat wave in Andalusia for the current week and the beginning of the next one 06/11/2021

We expect several “tropical nights” these days and maximum temperatures between 35-40 degrees in the inland.


The Spanish government proposes to keep the nightclubs closing time at 2 am. Does this affect your holiday? 06/01/2021

Restrictions due to pandemic aren’t yet over. Among other measures, this will likely limit the intention to spend a party holiday in Spain due to the uncertainty of how long it will last. Will this measure provide more health safety? Does this mean, in addition, that the Andalusian coast will enjoy a more calm and relaxing tourism?


No news about Covid in Gibraltar 05/14/2021

The massive vaccination to the population of Gibraltar allows the city to have no new cases in the latest month. A face mask is not mandatory for hospitality staff if they have received the complete vaccination.


The beaches of Malaga obtains 41 blue flags for the 2021 summer season. 05/13/2021

Malaga has achieved up to 41 blue flags this year. These are the most valued awards on the Malaga coast because they indicate the environmental and tourist quality of the beaches. We remember that last year 30 blue flags were achieved throughout the province of Malaga so this year can be considered a success.


The covid rate continues to decline in Malaga. 05/13/2021

Malaga province, as well as the rest of Andalusia, improves its Covid rate for everyone’s peace of mind. In fact, Andalusia expects to receive foreign visitors thanks to the state of alarm’s restrictions until now and vaccination progress. The state of alarm has been finished already and currently, it’s possible the free movement through locations and provinces in Spain with no lockdowns or curfew.


New speed limits on Spanish roads. 05/11/2021

These recent changes mainly affect urban roads, but not exclusively. Pay attention to the new speed limits when driving in Spain to avoid ruining your stay.



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